June 2022

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Deposa: the expansion of its terminal fully operational

After nearly a year of construction work, the new tanks of the Deposa terminal expansion are fully operational.

The more than 2,400 m2 added to the liquid bulk terminal that Deposa has at the Reina Victoria dock, have accommodated six new tanks with a capacity of 2,000 m3 each, which are now fully operational and are added to the other twenty-eight tanks, bringing the total available capacity of the terminal to 31,000 m3.

Investments in new capacity have been completed with those made with a new loading dock for two tanker trucks which, together with the existing ones, the company's own rail loading dock and the truck scale, make Deposa a multipurpose terminal for liquid agri-food and agro-energy products. In addition, Deposa, with its corporate social responsibility policy, has become an energy efficient terminal after the investment made in the transformation of its boiler system to natural gas, which makes Deposa an environmentally sustainable company.