December 28, 2022

bilbaoport I Port of Bilbao Authority

Deposa expands capacity with six new tanks

The terminal Depósitos Portuarios, S.A. (Deposa) has completed the construction of six new storage tanks for agri-food and agro-energy bulk liquids in the Port of Bilbao. Each of the new tanks has a storage capacity of up to 2,000 cubic meters, which has allowed Deposa to reach a capacity of more than 32,000 cubic meters distributed among the 34 tanks it has in the Biscayan dock.

The new tanks are built in stainless steel, have been heat-insulated and are thermally insulated, all with the aim of taking care of the goods they will store. The facilities also have a piping system that allows products to be received and shipped directly from the dock, and a new loading dock with capacity for two vehicles has been installed, which significantly speeds up operations.

Deposa has been offering its logistics services in the Port of Bilbao for more than 70 years, especially in the reception, storage and dispatch of agri-food liquid bulk. Firmly committed to the quality of its services and customer service, the logistics terminal complies with the most stringent food safety regulations for the storage and handling of these products, ensuring the traceability of the goods at all times.