December 2022

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Deposa undertakes 100% of its expansion and becomes a bonded warehouse

After a year of construction work, the 6 new stainless steel tanks of the Deposa terminal expansion are fully operational.

The more than 2,400 m² added to the liquid bulk terminal that Deposa has at the Reina Victoria dock, have accommodated six new tanks with a capacity of 2,000 m³ each, which are already fully operational and that together with the other twenty the terminal as a whole reaches 32,000 m³ of available capacity. This expansion has been completed with a new loading dock for two tanker trucks which, together with the existing ones, its own railroad loading dock and the truck scale, make Deposa a multipurpose terminal for liquid agri-food and agro-energy products, and thus be able to reach any point of the peninsula. In addition, Deposa becomes a Customs Warehouse (DA), which allows it to provide a better service to its customers and to be operationally more efficient, reducing times in the loading and unloading processes, both for ships and trucks.