For more than 70 years, Deposa has been the reference partner for the storage and logistics of agri-food and agro-energy bulk liquids, specializing in vegetable oils, animal oils and other liquid products.

Our rigor and our vision of the future have always accompanied us throughout our history.

DEPOSA, founded in 1951, is a logistics terminal located in the Port of Bilbao, with a big experience in the reception, storage and dispatch of agri-food and agro-energy liquid bulk. The company is firmly committed to the safety of its customers' products, respecting the applicable FAO and WHO directives on quality and safety in the storage and handling of these products. It is a stand-alone terminal and is located away from other facilities for harmful or hazardous products.

Deposa provides storage services for bulk liquids, complying at all times with the strictest handling procedures and ensuring the best traceability to the product. Our know-how is backed by more than 70 years of warehousing a wide variety of products for large accounts, both national and international, throughout our history.

The company has all the health authorizations, animal and human food operator authorizations, authorization for the treatment of Sandach, ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality certification, environmental certification and carbon footprint.

In order to provide a 360º service to all our customers, the company has the authorization of Customs Warehouse, Bonded Warehouse and Border Control Post.

Ready to give you the best service

Deposa provides storage services for bulk liquids, complying at all times with the strictest handling and traceability procedures. Our know-how is backed by more than 70 years of storage of a wide variety of products and with major national and international customers throughout its history.


Nuestros compromisos, nuestras acciones

Desde el año 2013, trabajamos con el objetivo de disminuir el impacto climático directo de nuestra empresa. En el año 2015, establecimos nuevos objetivos para cumplir con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y la Agenda 2030 para la mejora de la eficiencia energética e incorporar la energía renovable en nuestra cartera de suministro energético. Nos esforzamos día a día por disminuir las emisiones y por concienciar a la industria del riesgo del cambio climático.

Aumento de
la energía renovable

Mejora de la
eficiencia energética

social corporativa

Desarrollo sostenible
y Agenda 2030


Guaranteeing goods storage

28 heated carbon steel tanks and 6 stainless steel and heat-insulated tanks.

In-bond storage facilities

According to customer needs.

32,000 cubic meters of capacity

34 tanks of different sizes.

500 meters berth for vessels

Draft at low tide between 9.5 meters and 10 meters.

Independent terminal

Protected from harmful or dangerous products.

Facilities accessible by sea, rail and road

Receipt and delivery of goods

We are in the port of bilbao

The Port of Bilbao is a real gateway for direct communication between Spain and Europe, a flexible and dynamic port, capable of handling any type of vessel and goods, and with a specialized service for all types of traffic. Its modern electronic platform e-puertobilbao is also the fastest and most agile way to carry out all merchandise formalities in an orderly and efficient manner.