Quality Policy

GRUPO DEPOSA, S.A., formed by the companies DEPÓSITOS PORTUARIOS, S.A. and GRANELES BIOENERGÉTICOS, S.L., is a group dedicated to the reception, storage and re-dispatch of liquid bulk for food use in the Port of Bilbao, with a great experience in the sector, guaranteed by its business trajectory.


The management of GRUPO DEPOSA, S.A. is fully committed to achieving customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of the organization and environmental protection, including pollution prevention, in the services provided. Therefore, this policy is oriented to:


  • Maintain at all times the concept of continuous improvement in all internal processes, especially those that affect the customer and the protection of the environment.
  • To understand Quality and pollution prevention as everyone's task, establishing teamwork as an essential means for its achievement and improvement.
  • To guarantee compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations, as well as other acquired requirements, ensuring that our services comply with the standards, regulations and specifications that in each case affect them.
  • Establish the necessary measures to avoid and eliminate all factors that negatively affect the quality of the activities carried out and the protection of the environment or imply risk for the company's personnel, other interested parties or for society in general.
  • Promote the training, participation and responsibility of all employees of this company in the operation of the Integrated Management System and in the development of this Policy.
  • Promote among our personnel and interested parties the compliance with all the provisions established by the company in terms of Quality and Environment.
  • Manage and treat our waste in the most environmentally friendly way, promoting reuse and recycling practices, whenever feasible, in order to prevent pollution.
  • Develop a production and consumption model based on a circular economy, within our possibilities.


The Management of GRUPO DEPOSA, S.A., being aware that the operation of the Management System is the task of all workers, is committed to:


  • To achieve the Quality and Environmental objectives, with the same interest with which the company's economic and social issues are pursued.
  • Use process risk analysis to prevent possible deviations or nonconformities in the management system.
  • Maintain an open and objective dialogue with customers, employees and other interested parties in order to contribute to a better understanding between the parties, to improve the service provided and to protect the environment.
  • It provides the necessary human and technical resources, as well as adequate training for personnel to perform their work with the required levels of quality and respect for the environment.
  • Communicate, apply and make this policy understood within the organization, to all personnel working for or on behalf of the organization, being available to interested parties as deemed appropriate.
  • Continuously improve our Quality and Environmental performance.
  • Adopt necessary and economically viable measures to eliminate, reduce, reuse and/or control our impact on the environment.
  • Establish a commitment to the provision and rational use of the necessary resources.
  • Comply with this Policy by reviewing it on an annual basis to verify its adequacy to the purpose and context of the organization.


This Management Policy is reviewed annually by the Management to ensure that its content is consistent with the business policy and strategy of GRUPO DEPOSA, S.A.