December 9, 2022

Jaime Pinedo I Diario del Puerto

Deposa continues 70 years of evolution and sets its sights on growth and sustainability

The liquid bulk terminal plans further expansions at the port of Bilbao and to move forward on the road to sustainability.

bulk goods warehouse

After completing a capacity expansion of 12,000 cubic meters with the recent commissioning of 6 new tanks at its terminal in the port of Bilbao, Deposa faces the future with determination after 72 years marked by a constant evolution according to the needs of the market.

Deposa (Depósitos Portuarios S.A.) founded in 1951, is a logistics terminal located in the port of Bilbao, with a great experience in the reception, storage and dispatch of agri-food liquid bulk, especially oils, which has been offering solutions to a constantly evolving market for more than 70 years.

In this sense, Deposa has not been unaffected by the effects of the war in Ukraine, although it has been able to seek other markets based on advantages such as its rail loading dock, which makes transport competitive within a radius of more than 400 kilometers, as its general manager, Juan Huidobro, explains.

Six new tanks and facilities to grow

The six new tanks of Deposa's terminal expansion are already at full capacity. The more than 2,400 square meters of surface area added to the liquid bulk terminal that Deposa operates at the Reina Victoria dock are home to six new stainless steel and heat-insulated tanks, with a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters each, which are added to the other 28 tanks, bringing the terminal's total capacity to 31,000 cubic meters. The investments in new capacity have been completed with those made with a new loading dock for two tanker trucks which, together with the existing ones, its own rail loading dock and the truck weighbridge, make Deposa a multipurpose terminal for liquid agri-food and agro-energy products, also with independent lines from the quay. In addition, Deposa, with its corporate social responsibility policy, has become an energy efficient terminal after the investment made in the transformation of its boiler system to natural gas, which makes Deposa an environmentally sustainable company.

Deposa expects to move 120,000 tons of liquid bulk in the Port of Bilbao

Deposa's evolution process over the last ten years has led it to move from being a single-client to a multi-client company, working with more and more European companies. At the same time that it has started up six new tanks, the company is in the process of renovating tanks at the old terminal and modifying processes "to be more sustainable". in this line, Deposa is in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 environmental certification.

As Huidobro points out, the company's plans to move 120,000 tons of liquid bulk in the Port of Bilbao are to continue growing, for which it is already considering a new expansion in an area in the Muelle Reina Victoria adjacent to the current terminal.